COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Molesworth Arms Coronavirus

Safety Precautions

We are really looking forward to seeing you and want you to enjoy your time here

and, ost importantly, keep safe. 


We want to explain to you what systems we will have in place to maximise your and our safety when you arrive and during your time with us.


In order to subscribe to the “track & trace” initiative we will ask for your names, addresses & contact details which we will record in our book and retain securely for a minimum 21 days.


We would ask you please to ensure that if you or any of your party is feeling unwell or think they are experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms to please contact us and cancel your reservation.


Currently the requirements are that inside our premises we can allow up to two households (& Support Bubbles) at one table and outside we can allow up to six people from different households.


We will have a dedicated entrance which will be our front door and a dedicated exit which will be around the rear and side of the Molesworth.


Our front door will be closed but can be opened by operating the handle and we ask that one of your party open & close this door using a glove or using the hand sanitiser pump mounted on the left hand side.


In the front lobby there will be another wall mounted pump dispensing hand sanitiser and we ask everyone to use this please on entering the Molesworth.


Please wait in this area and a member of staff will direct you to your table.


We have removed some of our tables and, in order to maintain safe distancing between `tables, not all of the retained tables will be in use.


We ask you to respect appropriate social distancing at all times whist in our premises.


Once we have you seated at your table someone will come & take your drinks orders and give you menus if you have also booked in for food. 


All your drinks and food will be delivered to your table, either at the end of the table or on a smaller table next to you.


We will not be serving from the bar. Should you need service while seated at any time please call out or wave to a member of staff. 


 Our toilets will be operated on a “one in - one out” basis with a sign on the doors that can be turned to display either “vacant” or “occupied” which we would ask everyone to use. 


There is a pump operated hand sanitiser on the bar wall opposite both the men’s and ladies toilets and in the toilets themselves we have both hand soap and hand sanitiser pump dispensers & we would ask everyone to please use these as appropriate. 

Finally when it comes to the bill we will print this out and leave it on the table for you. A member of staff can come over with the card machine.


Sorry we cannot accept cash payments at present.


Dogs - sorry but no dogs will be allowed on the premises.


We thank you for co-operating with us to maximise everyone’s safety in these extraordinary times.

July 2020


TEL: 01409 259966